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HI!!  I’m Holli.


I have been working with bodies as a massage therapist since 2007 when I graduated from Central Pennsylvania School of Massage.  I always knew there was more to it than just helping muscles feel better.


Through yoga I discovered just how delicious the movement and flow of energy is for overall wellbeing.  The mind-body connection began to intrigue me even more.  I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. 


Still, I hungered for more depth to the healing process; something all-encompassing and beautifully intricate.  I continued to study psychoneuroimmunology, energy medicine, shamanism, and meditation.

​In March of 2020, I graduated from Somatic Soul Coach School ™, a 500-hour, body-based, neuroscience-backed, life coaching program.


I have taken all I have learned, stirred it all together, and wrapped it in a chrysalis of intuition, compassion, and a yearning desire for healing.


Let's connect!

(If you want a more in-depth story, click here!)

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Always in Process

I am always learning and expanding to offer you all that I can on your journey to being your best self.

I truly believe the journey does not end as long as we live.  Why put a ceiling on the possibilities of growth?  

I cannot expect my clients to strive for their Highest Self if I am not living the practice.

I look forward to working with you on your quest for better health and fulfillment!

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