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"Body Whisperer"

I have a deeply engrained sense of not being good enough. Each time I sit down to write a post here, I struggle with this feeling. It always seems like I need a little more education or a little more experience, or a few more papers with my name on them declaring that I am worthy of offering insight, opinion, or expertise.

Unfortunately, each time I am granted that next piece of education, experience, what-have-you, I still don’t feel worthy.

It’s a hard lesson in truth that it has nothing to do with lack of knowledge or intelligence and everything to do with my own vision of myself.

And that is one reason I’m here. I have much to share. I have passion for what’s possible in my life and yours. I have a vision of people living harmoniously with the partner and guide that is their body and I THINK I can help them get there.

What is

not helpful, probably, is sitting and waiting for some ambiguous goal that means it’s time to start.

My most recent investment in myself was learning to be a Somatic Life Coach. I have struggled with this title, this education, this outline, because it is not EXACTLY how I want things to look. I don’t want to use the format handed to me by my teachers. It can’t be a cookie-cutter situation.

To clarify, we were told to “make it your own.” They were just giving us a general guide. I have been wrestling with my idea of “what I do,” for ages. I’ve been trying to find someone who teaches what I want to do. But I have concluded that I just have to combine everything that I have learned and the gifts that I have been given, and just DO it.

It probably doesn’t have a name. And it looks different for everyone.

I don’t want to be a Life Coach. I don’t want to sit down, look at your 5-year plan, set your goals with your and collapse your timeline of achievement.

I can! But that’s not what I want.

If I learned anything from Somatic Life Coach School, it is that I need to follow what my body tells

me I am here for. I am my own best coach.

I want to be a BODY coach. Not a trainer that helps you decide what to eat or helps you lose weight or build muscle, but someone who helps you hear and understand the longings, wisdoms, and cries of your flesh and bones and all that is in between.

The best I can call myself is a Somatic Coach. One coach that I worked with told me to try on “Body Whisperer,” and I like that, so sometimes I roll with it.

Here’s what a Somatic Coach (Body Whisperer) does:

They help you re-learn to feel into your body to find the answers to all life’s questions. The process is different for everyone.

Your body DOES NOT LIE.

If we can remove logic (because the mind plays all sorts of manipulative tricks), and learn to rely solely on what FEELS right, we will make the right choices for our over health. Mind, body, SOUL health. So, I guess it relates to Life Coaching, in that your life will be better once you have mastered these skills.

If nothing else, you will be able to identify what is hiding in your body, feel it, process it and release it.

Do you ever feel not good enough? What’s holding you back? What if you could pull that piece out? Set it aside? What would be possible then?

In my next post, we will explore what happens when we don’t process those stuck energies and emotions in our body.

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