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Ego and Such. Plus Acceptance.

I can't do these yoga poses anymore.

These pictures were taken 2 and a half years ago. I was in amazing physical shape. I pushed myself to my limits and took a lot of pride in the hard work.

A miscarriage, a pregnancy and birth, and a global pandemic later, here we are.

But I'm actually BETTER at yoga now. I am using movement to FEEL my body and connect with myself instead of challenge it to an extreme. I'm listening to what it says and breathing through my limitations. I don't get angry when I can't get the hardest pose. Some poses that I used to do every day I never even try.


Was it all for ego? Probably. Even though I would never have admitted that at the time. We grow, we learn, we do better. Hopefully.

Intention is more important that attention.

Functionality is more important than aesthetics.

Will I get to this point again? Maybe. But hopefully only the physical part. Not the ego part. And maybe not.

But the first step to getting there is being right here. Sometimes we need to take a step back and examine our reasons for pushing, decide if that is a reason to push, and maybe back off for a bit. Sometimes allowing ourselves to be present in the moment, even if it feels like a moment of limitation, is exactly what we need to move forward.

Where are you pushing too hard right now?

What would be possible if you practiced acceptance and patience?

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