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Keep on Moving!

Updated: Feb 18

Yoga was not new to me.

We practiced yoga as a sort of “gym class” in massage school. It happened at least weekly. We had a very well-educated yogi from the State College area come to the school and teach. He taught REAL yoga. Not fitness yoga. There was importance to breath and flow and energy. All the things that seemed unimportant to me.

After graduation, I continued to exercise. Yoga was important, but again, only on a physical level. It was strength and stretch and not something I did daily. I preferred a more rigorous, calorie-torching workout. (However, I LOVE hot yoga!)

Not long after having Jackson, I stumbled upon a calorie-torching, dance-infused, yoga-ish-based workout. I found freedom through movement! I had never been introduced to the primal liberation that can be accessed through moving your body.

Prior to this, exercise was a way to control my weight or how my body looked. Moving for any other reason seemed a waste of time. But suddenly I WANTED to move. I wanted to feel my own power and energy stirring and swirling in my body!

I wanted other people to feel it too!

The best moments were opening and releasing. After stirring everything up, then opening and letting it go. I released anger from my hips and anxiety from my belly. And that heaviness in my heart? It was sadness. And I dumped it out as tears during a backbend!

This is when things really began to click. This is when I remembered the energy classes in massage school and how they explained that sometimes people would cry on the table. It was because we found something hidden in their body. Something they held onto and didn’t process.

As if I wasn’t already enthralled with the human body, here was another amazing characteristic!

I continued yoga. All types. I revisited the chakra system. It was another form of energy medicine that I wasn’t interested in back then. I dove DEEP into the chakras. Ask me anything you want about them! I started practicing feeling them again. And balancing them as we had learned to do in massage school.

I decided I MUST become a yoga instructor. So, in 2017, I added Certified Yoga Teacher to my title.

I love teaching! Let me know if you want information on a class! Group and individual classes are available!

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