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Last Night I Made a To-Done List

I am always so focused on what I want to accomplish in a day. At the end of the day I am always painfully aware of the things I didn't get to and the level of self-worth I attach to each of the items I've managed to cross off.

So last night I made a list of the things I DID. The things that got accomplished. The little things that seem insignificant, that are never on my to-do list to begin with, but are necessary for daily life. These are the things that I am doing when I am NOT doing my to-do list. And they matter. A lot.

I did the dishes (twice).

I fed my kids, and myself.

I moved my body intentionally.

I worked.

I showered.

Among other things.

Where are you feeling defeated?

Can you take a moment to find some gratitude for the things you DID do??

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