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Price Structure, Promises, and Policy Changes

Updated: May 4, 2022

Dearest clients,

*New Prices effective May 9, 2022*

The first quarter of 2022 has come and gone. (Wow! March seemed to last forever!) In an email at the beginning of the year I mentioned revisiting a price increase after making it through the winter. That time has come.

Due to continued inflation in everything it has become necessary for me to restructure my pricing. It has been two years since my last increase, so I am making the changes to align with other Massage Therapists in the area, but also to be compensated for the value of my services. You will find the new price structure below. I encourage you to continue reading the paragraphs as well, as I establish my promises to you moving forward.

Let’s briefly visit etiquette. I have appreciated those of you who have continually insisted on paying a gratuity. However, please know this is never necessary. After careful calculation and consideration, as a self-employed massage therapist, I have structured my rates to reflect what I need in order to serve my clients with the best care. I am not a spa therapist making a percentage commission and relying on tips to survive. (If you visit a spa to receive a massage, please tip your therapist!)

I promise:

Safety and acceptance. This is a judgement-free space where you are welcome to be your 100% authentic self. The world cannot see you here and I am bound by confidentiality to keep what I hear and see to myself. I encourage you to let go of the restraints that keep you wound so tightly so that you can let your body melt into un-stress.

Individualized Care. I will be making some changes going forward as I develop new skills and gain more knowledge. Each treatment session will be tailored even more to suit individual needs. I have never been one to enjoy a monotonous routine of easy, relaxation massage. I feel much more purposeful when problem solving and doing targeted, focused treatments. Release some expectations as I mold my practice into what my heart envisions. This may involve more communication/feedback during treatment and client education surrounding the process.

Your full time. As long as you are on time for your appointment, I guarantee that your treatment will last for the scheduled time. You scheduled an hour? You will have my full attention for 60 minutes. This may include an assessment and/or self-care recommendations. (Many places schedule on the hour every hour and include changing and check-out within your time frame.) So please allow yourself enough time after your appointment to leisurely redress, check out, and schedule. I started scheduling space between clients during the pandemic and will continue this practice.

Free Add-Ons. Instead of charging extra for the use of tools like cups, gua sha, singing bowls, or any future treatment-enhancing utensils I discover in my constant research, everything will be included in the price. This way, I can use what intuitively feels helpful each day, and you can communicate each session if you would like something added with no worry of additional cost.

Experience and expertise. I have over 15 years of experience as a Massage Therapist. During this time, I have learned through giving bodywork, receiving bodywork, regular continuing education courses, and lots of reading. I don’t intend to stop learning. I bring all of this to each massage hoping that it will be the most effective you have ever received.

New prices are as follows:

Effective May 9, 2022*

Thirty-Minute Massage

$45 (no change)

Sixty-Minute Massage**


Ninety-Minute Massage


*Gift Certificates: Gift Certificate purchases will immediately be under the new price structure. However, any previously purchased gift certificate will be honored for the time value it was purchased through December 31, 2022.

**If you are one of the few clients who see me for light to medium pressure relaxation massage, the price will remain $75 for the hour. This massage will not include deep tissue, trigger point, or targeted, focused work or any add-ons.

Please see me with any questions regarding these changes.

Thank you for your support and trusting me with your care,

Holli Polito, LMT

Please know that I am not interested in creating financial hardship and I am aware of the struggles of the times. IF this increase is going to create hardship, please see me before canceling your future appointments. Know what you can afford, so that we can work through it together. I would much rather negotiate something that works for both of us than have you discontinue your care.

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