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"They Don't Make it Like They Used To..."

If you spend any amount of time with me, you will discover that I have little interest in all things “new.” I like to keep it simple. I’m not big into technology. (It took me years to allow my scheduling system to be digital, and I STILL don’t trust it enough to let people schedule themselves.) I’m scared to replace my eons-old washing machine for fear that a new one will be too complicated.

This attraction to the older ideals bleeds over into other areas of my life as well. I am much more apt to try acupuncture, chiropractic, movement therapies, or herbal remedies before seeking the advice of a modern medical professional.

I love learning about the ancient medicine practices. (This wasn’t always the case as you can read about in a previous post.) Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Shamanism… They are so interesting to me.

What interests me most is that, though the people who developed the ancient models were mountains, continents and sometimes oceans apart, their processes and ideas were often very similar. They ALL believed in treating the body, mind, and spirit. They wouldn’t dream of ignoring the entire person to focus on one small symptom.

(Please don’t misunderstand me. I have been a recipient of the life-saving power of modern medicine. There is absolutely a place for it, especially in emergency situations. I do believe, however, that today’s medical model of seeing as many patients as possible in any given day and writing a prescription to cover up each symptom without even a glimpse into the root cause of it leaves much to be desired to say the least.)

All the ancient practices were aware of and worked with healing the energetic body. There are multiple energy systems at work throughout your body and even extending beyond it.

Have you ever heard of the Aura? That’s what its often referred to when dealing with the “hippie, woo-woo” people. But modern science calls it the Human Biofield.

YES! Modern science has accepted the existence of the Aura! Maybe someday they will also start including it in their medical practices!

I could go on forever on this subject. Most importantly, I want to cover what happens when energy gets stuck in your energy field or your body.

You get sick.

You suffer from dis-ease, and very possibly, eventually, disease.

It doesn’t happen immediately. It is not an over-night thing, but over time, that unprocessed emotion, unmoved energy, becomes like a dam for other energies or emotions that need to flow through.

Emily A. Francis explains it well in her book, The Body Heals Itself:

“When emotional pains aren’t processed and dealt with completely, they lie dormant in the body until there is just no room for them in the sock drawers of your soul and they must come out. Unfortunately, these sleeping monsters generally come forward through physical pain or illness.”

This is not to say that all illness is purely emotional in nature. There are most often other factors present. But by learning to process the emotional, energetic components (or even learning to identify or notice them!), we can illuminate at least one factor of disease.

Francis goes on to say:

“…[Disease] does sometimes have an emotional component as well that can warn us in advance to the onset of illness so that we can pursue treatment before it gets worse… Illness is the final way that our body lets us know that we are out of sync.”

The healers of ancient times were onto something.

It seems as though the further we distance ourselves from the ancient forms of care, the more ill we become as a species.

There is so much to touch on here. So many subjects available for examination.

Have you ever tried to seek a holistic form of healing? What did you try? What were the results?

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