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What Have I Been Up To?

I mentioned a lot of learning in my last post. 2020 brought much opportunity to go inward and know myself more as well as hone some skills and explore a few things that interest me. Combined with my 2021 theme of Discovery and Exploration, I am on a roll! Pre-baby, pre-office-move, and pre-covid, I worked so hard and spent so much time in my car between work and childcare and home, I had little time for learning.

As I am a strong supporter of constant personal-development, I work hard to live the example as well.

During maternity leave, I took a course on massage cupping. It is now an add-on modality that works with fascia and trigger points from more than one angle. Your tissues are suctioned into the cup and stagnation is pulled out to increase blood flow to the injured or dysfunctional area. Increased blood flow means oxygenation, which means healing.

I am also practicing working more with the fascial planes through stretching. Fascia is a strong connective tissue found between our skin and muscles and surrounding all our organs. It is several continuous sheets. Fascia does not show up on any of the imaging tests you can have done at a hospital. Because it is continuous and strong, a restriction in or injury to the fascia in your knee can affect, say, your shoulder. (This is just an off-the-wall example.) Fascia (and other organs or soft tissues) can store emotion. Stored emotions, injuries, and trauma in the fascia can cause pain. Fascia is not new to me. However, I have never taken the time to really dive into it deeply. Having a better understanding of this network gives me a fresh perspective on treating clients’ pain and movement restrictions.

As always, I am reading about the energetics of our bodies. One book I am reading at the moment is Wild Creative, by Tami Lynn Kent. This is a book about discovering your creativity and purpose stored in your pelvic bowl or second chakra.

I am working on a group coaching workshop surrounding Purpose, of course. My coaching practice mostly focuses on women and leading them back to themselves and their passions. Sometimes they have been lost while raising children or adapting to fit a certain relationship. Many do not even remember the woman they are trying to discover. They may not have lived that fully in this lifetime due to familial expectations or social conditioning. So often women—and men—are formed to fit into what is normal or what in comfortable according to the ones doing the forming. The coaching program will focus on pulling back the layers and rediscovering our deeper Purpose and the steps to begin leaning into it.

As if all the above is not enough, I am ALSO exploring the facilitation of a cacao ceremony and starting to scratch the surface of administering sound healing.

Don’t forget, I am re-learning a lot of things I assume I learned in first grade as our homeschool year nearing its end.

I imagine I will touch an all or most of these items again at some point in my life-narration here. As always, if something interests you, please feel free to ask. I am always willing to share what I have discovered in the hopes that it will open another mind to another aspect or direction of health and fulfillment!

Ask Yourself:

What is your relationship to learning something new?

What is holding you back from trying something you have always wanted to try?

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