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When was your last Happy Dance?

Today's lesson is taught by Rhyett, the animal. It is entitled "Wild Authenticity."

We could all use a little more of it.

When did we decide that the more we repress our our emotions, the more adult we are?

At what age are we no longer "acting our age" if we decide to fully embody what is happening inside?

Why are we considered more sophisticated the more we can hide our feelings?

When was the last time you allowed abundant joy to make you "Happy Dance?"

When was the last time you embodied deep wounding to the point of screaming and pounding the floor in anguish?

If society as a whole shifted and allowed these examples to be normal, or even celebrated, think of the HONEST world we would live in. Think of the energy we would move within ourselves and others! Think of the stagnation we would release and the flow we would find!

Where are you holding back your WILD AUTHENTICITY today?

What is one small step you can take just to be one more percent wildly authentic RIGHT NOW?

I dare you.

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